• 150+ acres of 10-15% rolling sandy-loam Central Texas countryside dedicated to retired horses.
  • Near the geographic center of Texas, 65 miles southeast of Abilene.
  • Elevation is 1,500 feet. Average low temperature in January is 33° F. Average high in July is 96°. Average annual rainfall is 27.42".
  • Mild, dry weather year round with very rare snowfalls or ice storms.
  • 60+-acre field in native grasses and sprigged in Bermuda. Native grasses in the area include Sideoats Gramma, Texas Winter or Spear Grass, Dallisgrass, etc.
  • City water, collected rainfall + four large dirt tanks provide water.
  • 90 acres of heavily wooded pastures in live oak, post oak, pin oak, black oak and mesquite trees offer comforting shade.
  • Deer, foxes, wild turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, armadillos and roadrunners share the countryside.
  • Highest, widest, bluest sky available anywhere.

    Webcam coming


    • A comfortable, relaxing place where a horse can be just a horse in the late years.
    • All horses roam, graze and play at will year-round.
    • Fresh Bermuda hay and sweet feed fed during winter season and as needed.
    • Treats and sweet feed fed on occasion and in winter.
    • Salt and mineral blocks are always available.
    What we offer
    What we offer


    • Photographs taken on arrival and annually and e-mailed to owner
    • Minimal cuts and abrasions treated locally
    • Veterinarian on call for vaccinations and more extensive medical issues
    • Farrier services as owner requests or as needed
    • Horses are checked on regularly
    • Know that your horse will not be used for lessons or riding
    • New horses are separated until they can gradually be introduced to the group
    • No outside horses migrate though the facility (to minimize illness)
    • Each horse's personality and needs will be in high consideration
    • Web cam is planned for continual viewing


    • 50'x25' metal barn with 50'x20' shed.
    • 20'x30' corral and chute of telephone poles and cattle panels
    • Fenced corral area and pen
    • Two 5' round metal tanks with automatic city water, one 5' round and one 6'x2' oblong metal tanks collect rain water off barn roof
    • Owner's home – 1920's custom frame house moved from Brownwood in 1988
    • John Deere 5205 Tractor w/286 Bush Hog
    • John Deere 2520 Tractor w/SQ160 Bush Hog
    • 1939 Super H Tractor
    • Most fences are barb wire


    Environmental Features
    • No toxic products will be used unless an owner makes a strong request
    • No chemicals will be used if a non-toxic product will do
    • No pesticides or weed killers have been used on the property in 25 years
    • We use food-grade DE (diatomaceous earth) in feed to control worms
    • We vacuum flies off the animals when flies are a problem
    • We use a straight razor and/or 9% vinegar to remove botfly eggs
    • We cover poop with sand in high-traffic areas to keep flies to a minimum
    • We use medicated Vaseline on small cuts and abrasions


    • Monthly fee: $175/month
    • Veterinarian Fees: Billed individually
    • Farrier Fees: Billed Individually
    • Transportation:
    • $75 per horse within 20 miles,
    • $0.70/mile after first 20 miles + tolls


    • Cost of land
    • Property taxes
    • Salaries for caretakers
    • Feed, hay, salt blocks and treats
    • Water is expensive at $56/mo for first 1,000 gallons + $/M gal
    • Electricity
    • Maintaining road and fence lines
    • Pasture maintenance
    • Maintaining barn and water lines
    • Tractors and other equipment maintenance and repair
    • Feed troughs, hay rings, buckets, hoses, brushes, etc.
    • Commercial Liability Insurance
    • Maintenance of truck and trailer, travel
    • Website design, hosting, maintenance and updating expenses
    • Supplies


    We at Green Pastures welcome your input and suggestions. We do not consider ourselves experts in all aspects of horse care. You know your animal much better than we, certainly in the beginning. Do let us know of your animal's particular personality, eccentricities and needs. Though we do not provide daily special attention to a particular animal (except in exceptional cases), we do provide attention to all.



    Call and tell us about your retired horse, and we'll see if we're a match. Tell us what kind of life your horse has retired from: racing, eventing, jumping, quarter, polo, riding, pet, etc. Tell us how healthy the horse is. Does the horse have few or many health issues or requirements? Does he/she have feed issues or requirements? What are his/her specific personality traits? Let's talk.

    Call Patty Griffin at 281/556-6798 and let's talk NOW.

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